Our Testimonial

Our Testimonials

It gives us great pleasure to extend our deepest appreciation to Conseiller Consulting for impactful participation as Learning Partner in our Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Special Training (BeST) Programme since 2010.

We trust that the career coaching and industry insights provided by your trainers will be of tremendous benefit to the biotechnology graduates. The training modules designed by your team have vastly improved the competency of the graduates. The credible trainers who were engaged in the program have received excellent rating from the participants. Thank you for your passion and commitment in joining us to develop the future biotechnology generation.

We very much look forward to this future partnership and collaboration

Arni Balkish Mohamed Aris, BiotechCorp

Hi, my name is Chan William. I am 24 years old and currently studying in Universiti Malaysia Pahang. Recently, I was fortunate to have undergone a 9-days training programme organized by Biotech Corp Malaysia, Conseiller Consulting and UMP. The programme was conducted by four experienced trainers from Conseiller Consulting. They are Mr. Izmaz, Ms. Cat, Mr. Amir, and Mr. Azlin. I really enjoyed myself during the 9 days of training and these four AWESOME and CHARISMATIC trainers really helped me to gain my confidence, get to know myself better, expand my ways of thinking and gave me a lot of useful advices. Here is my testimonial for the training programme.


The coaching session was really useful. The contents in the profile report were really easy to understand and the explanation was very detailed. The observations made by the coach were really spot-on and the advice given really helps to expand our way of looking at certain matters. The advice was important for us as it really helps to take the block off our shoulders. I really enjoyed the session and it has really given me a lot of confidence. It taught me to look at my strengths as assets, while my limitations as something that I could improve on if I put my heart to it.


The personality profiling was comprehensive enough and together with the coach’s explanation, it really gives me a better understanding of myself and also the confidence to start looking at my strengths as an added value for myself and the people around me while at the same time to improve on my limitations.


My impression of the trainer’s style in coaching is assertive and confident. The trainer is really confident of what he is saying and that gives him the assertiveness in his advice. That effect is channeled onto me and lifts up my confidence level. I really love the trainer’s style of coaching.


How the trainers have changed the way I think? It changed my way of looking at myself. Before this, I was a bit low in confidence due to my personal life experience and also my weight issues. However, I really gained more in terms of confidence after the 9-days of training. Besides that, the modules taught by the trainers really made me believe that I have gained an extra edge compared to my peers. Also, all the laughter during the class really lift up my mood and give me reasons to always look forward to attending the next day’s session.


Last but not least, I wish to express my gratitude to all the trainers especially my Cohort 1 trainers, Mr. Izmaz and Mr. Azlin who have spent their time with us to teach and guide us. I wish Conseiller Consulting Sdn. Bhd. all the best in the future journey and achieve the dream of scaling the pinnacles of success.

Chan William, Universiti Malaysia Pahang

I love Mr. Ismaz delivery style. I understand what he presents to us and the way he presents was very interesting and sometimes funny. I did not manage to sleep even for a single minute!

Intan Lyana

All of the trainers were very energetic all the time. How can they be energized all of the time? And smiles never leave their face! They are so friendly, helpful and give full support and motivations for us to change the way we think and also on the way we act. I strongly believe that my confidence level have increased after this programme

Nur Amirah Binti Mohammad Ammar

Saya rasa amat bertuah dapat berkongsi ilmu dengan consultant Counseiller sebab diorang amat BEST dan sempoi!! Saya harap Conseiller Consulting akan jadi satu syarikat yangg ternama suatu hari nanti dan terus menyumbng kepada pembentukkan peribadi pekerja khasnya. Saya amat bebrbesar hati dapat berkenalan dengan Miss Cat, Mr Ismaz dan Mr Amir. Diorang terbaek!! Keep it up guys. You guys are cool and bring happiness to others!!-

Amirul Yusuf



Dear Ismaz, Cat & team,

On behalf of Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd, we would like to express our appreciation for a productive outing of High- Energy Team Performance Program for SH team, 3-5 Nov 2016 at Ilham Resort,PD.

Overall the team is satisfied and is delighted over the experience as it was a really fun way of learning teamwork and building of culture. We could see how Confident, Commitment and Cooperation was evident in the team members when they were performing the challenges by the Chief. They strive their very best and didn’t easily gave up. Yesterday , there were non-stop recalling of the experiences and some even played the ‘pitch perfect’ cup song before the start of meeting. There were plenty of praises to you, Cat and the team for the ability to conduct the sessions in a professional manner and never were there a dull moment. The language used were easily comprehend by the team in general . I am happy to note of the relations made between the learning experience to our new brand capabilities and behaviours. We do hope the SH team will continue to enhance the momentum developed in PD.

Well done and we wish Conseiller Consulting all the best and continue to elevate the quality of work culture in the country.

Best Regards,

Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd

Head, Corporate Strategy Division
Setia Haruman Sdn Bhd (425145-U) “Our Location&quot
The Lodge, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 7, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Siti Mariam Mohd Desa

Assalamualaikum Ismaz,

Thank you to your good self and team (Gee, Cat, Jayne, Moon & Carlos) for hosting a fantastic team building session for EMKAY Group. Our main aim was to improve team work and team synergy for the organization to get maximum results.

The program was exactly what we were after; a mixture of fun-filled and exciting activities, with an overall theme of competing and working together as a team. It was also a chance for us to spend some time together outside of the workplace. It also provides a chance for team members to work together forming strategies to solve challenges as well as encourage them to draw on their leadership and teamwork skills in order to succeed.

I was particularly impressed with the Castle Contract session where team members were challenged to meet the customers’ demand with speed and creativity as the determining factor. All teams members sweat together under the hot sun and performed beyond their expectations. Everyone who participated truly enjoyed the experience and tackled the challenges you had set for us with great enthusiasm. All had the opportunity to reflect on the deeper meaning of each exercise towards their personal and professional life.

The feedback we received from team members had been very positive and encouraging. The team building experience was second to none and the challenges really brought out the best in everyone. All team members had an enjoyable time mingling together in a fun, exciting and competitive atmosphere. Synergized!
Once again I thank you and your team for a fantastic program.

Best regards,
Ahmad Khalif bin Tan Sri Datuk Hj Mustapha Kamal
Executive Director EMKAY Group


Ahmad Khalif bin Tan Sri Datuk Hj Mustapha Kamal

It’s Amazing..!

The best thing about this year was meeting Conseiller Consulting Sdn Bhd…such a great team.

Some memories are unforgettable remaining ever vivid, thanks a lot team(Izmaz,makadudu Mg,Jen,Gee,Cat & Ejam) ..not only good memories in between myself boosted new energy..!


Uma Devi Sookumaran

T-System (M) Berhad


Uma Devi Sookumaran