Mohd Azlin Ghani

Mohd Azlin Ghani

Corporate Wellness Consultant

As an avid endurance sport athlete which include mountain and road biking, long distance running and triathlon, Mohd Azlin Ghani has always believed in sports as an effective tool for healthy living. His passion in sports started with rugby at the age of 13 for schools (Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor) in 1982, then as state player (Selangor) for the U23 national tournament and to first team player at club level until mid 2000.

As a graduate in Computer Science from UPM in 1987, he started his own IT company in 1997. Not long after that he became the ever-so-common victim of work-life imbalance. During that period, work commitment and lack of time have always been used as excuses for NOT doing any exercise. He then began to even struggle with mundane day to day activity such as taking the stairs, due to weight gain, and lack or stamina. Not to mention some health issues.

Realizing that his physical and mental health can only get worse, in 2005 he decided to change his lifestyle and started going to the gym regularly. Then in 2009 he takes up mountain biking and running as exercise options. Since then, he has never looked back and did his first half marathon and duathlon (run, cycle, run) race in 2010, followed by PD and Desaru triathlon in 2011.

Now as a nutrition spokesperson for PowerBar premium nutrition range of products and one of the founders of Event Kinetics Sdn Bhd which is a sports event management company, Mohd Azlin Ghani speaks regularly about sports for healthy lifestyle and sports nutrition, while doing running coaching for beginners that want to take up running as an activity. His personal goal however is to share his life experience and knowledge, and to inspire others to take control of their life and make a change. With that fiery passion, he joined Conseiller Consulting Sdn Bhd as the expert Corporate Wellness Consultant.


  • Spokesperson – PowerBar premium sports nutrition products in Malaysia
  • Spokesperson – Musashi performance sports nutrition products in Malaysia
  • Finisher – 70km PCC Mountain Bike Presidential Ride (2009)
  • Finisher – 21km Energiser Night Marathon (2010)
  • Finisher – 26km Newton Run (2010)
  • Finisher – Powerman Duathlon (11km run, 64km cycle, 10km run) 2010
  • Finisher – PD International Triathlon (1.5km swim, 40km cycle, 10km run) 2011
  • Finisher – Desaru 116 Long Distance Triathlon (2km swim, 92km cycle, 22km run) 2011


Speaking, motivating, mentoring and coaching for beginners or anybody who want to change their life by adopting sports as the activity of choice, which include:

  • Basic nutrition
  • Sports nutrition
  • How to START and keep at it?
  • Running for beginners
  • Running for intermediate
You can always become better. (Tiger Woods)