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Conseiller Consulting Sdn. Bhd. is a skills training provider incorporated in 2004 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is registered with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia. We work in close partnership with multinational and national organizations, various interest groups and members of the public. We pride ourselves in having a pool of highly qualified, experienced and exciting training consultants and industry experts who are passionate about delivering practical and meaningful training sessions to our participants. We conduct in-house and public programs for various levels of participants – from school students, graduates, non-executives, executives, managers, business owners and interested individuals. Our areas of expertise include Business Communication, Leadership and Supervisory, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Train the Trainer, Customer Service, Team building and other specialized skills development programs. We take pride in our unique training culture in providing exciting hands-on training experiences to our participants.

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All Levels

  1. Synergize! : High-Energy Team Performance Program
  2. English@Work : Business Communication in English
  3. Speak it Right! :Spoken Communication in English
  4. Write it Right! : Written Correspondence in English
  5. Think Different! : Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
  6. IMAGE+ : Grooming for Corporate Presence (in collaboration with CLINIQUE)
  7. Corporate Wellness
  8. Time and Stress Management



  1. i-Mastery : Mindset Change and Character Building
  2. InterACT! : Action-based Communication
  3. i@Work : Effective Office Management
  4. Secretarial Development
  5. Think Different! : Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
  6. C2 : Transforming Customer Service into Customer Care
  7. Telephone Techniques and Call Management
  8. Sales and Marketing
  9. Negotiation Skills
  10. Stand & Deliver! : Persuasive Presentation Skills


  1. i-Mastery : Mindset Change and Character Building
  2. InterACT! : Action-based Communication
  3. i@Work : Effective Office Management
  4. Secretarial Development
  5. Think Different! : Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
  6. C2 : Transforming Customer Service into Customer Care
  7. Telephone Techniques and Call Management
  8. Effective Sales and Marketing

Senior Executives & Management

  1. Managerial and Supervisory
  2. i-Strategize! : Strategic Thinking and Planning
  3. i-Manage! : Stakeholder Management Training
  4. Efficient to Effective : Performance Culture
  5. Enterprise Risk Management
  6. Change Management
  7. Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS)
  8. PMS, KPI and KRA Development
  9. Managing HRM in Organizational Change
  10. HRM in Risk Management
  11. Performance-based Interview
  12. Elements of Personnel Management
  13. Finance for Non-Finance Personnel
  14. Principals of Marketing
  15. Corporate Branding
  16. EQ In Leadership

Graduate Development

  1. Graduate Marketability Program
  2. Get the Job! Workshop
  3. Grooming for the Interview
  4. Writing a Magnetic Cover Letter and Resume
  5. Handling Interview Questions

Youth Developement

  1. School Holidays Program
  2.  Youth Leadership
  3.  Study Skills
  4.  Communications Skills Developement
  5. Confidence & Character Building


Other Services

  1. Corporate Annual Dinner/Family Day
  2. Product Launching
  3. Conference, Seminar and Workshop
  4. Exhibition and Expo/ Meetings and Press Conference/ Road Shows
  5. Loyalty Program Consulting

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